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2002-06-22 02:28:38 (UTC)

Cory and I broke up

AHHH can you believe that? I know I can't....I cried and
cired over him too...shew, i really loved him! left him a
message on ICQ that says...hold on let me go find it...

Hey, I know that you don't wanna talk to me...or hear from
me. but please just read this and give me a chance to
explain. I hadn't really talked to you in 3 days, so I had
no clue what was going on with us. I really wanted to talk
to you cause i had just gotten about kicked outta my house.
and you were sick so i was worried about you on top of
that. so i called you at your house but nobody answers,
then i call your cell and a girl is with you. what would
you have done if a guy had been with me? you woulda died!!
I just want you to know how sorry i am for everything. I
love you...and i thought htat we were gonna be together for
along time. I mean at least longer than what my limit had
been before(which is 3 months remember?) I thought we'd be
happy together for a long time, cause we loved each other.
and i still love you. but i can understand if you never
wanna talk to me again. just know that I love you more than
anything cory, i finally got to where i trusted you...cause
you said you'd never hurt me. and then this happens...i
just wish you would talk to me. Call me when you get
this...if you will. I love you cory!! I always will. no
matter what!
Love Always,

Well it took me 3 messages to get that to him...cause icq
only let's so much go out at a time. I wonder when he'll
get it and if he'll call or not? Shew, if not his loss!!
I'm gonna go and talk to Greggy...I'm gonna see if i can
get back with Nick though...he's such a sweetie and it was
heathers fault we broke up anyways!!! BITCH LOL but
idk...i'll have to take some time before i DATE anybody
again...especially after this whole cory thing :*( I
loved him!!! and shit i still do! goodness..this
sucks ass. But I'll just have to get over him...

Gotta go
~Toodles people!!!

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