¤*°- My Own lil Hell -°*¤
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2002-06-22 02:21:04 (UTC)


Fuck yeah! I just got home.. Jamea came and picked me up
and we went driving around.. I DROVE HER CAR ON THE MAIN
ROAD! lol It was so awesome, shes the only friend that
would let me do that.. Im serious! We were gonna switch
places at the Dairy Bar in Cowen, and the freakin town cop
was there! So I pulled off to the road right by it.. then
we went back up my road to see if we could drive around
longer *Jamea drove* and I got permission then we picked up
Jennings and he ran around with us too.. AND I DROVE AGAIN!
lol This time when we were gonna switch back at the fire
house and all of a sudden we seen Jameas moms Aztec come
around the corner and Jamea yelled at me so I made like a
93480934 mph sharp turn up a huge ass steap hill.. and in
the middle of the fucking hill I slammed on the brakes and
Jamea put it in park and we changed seats without getting
outta the car.. lol And Jamea smashed her knee because I
had to move the seat so I could reach the petals..

JameaL7575: damnlol u are short

lol Yes Jamea, I am short.. short and stupid! Woo Whoo!
What a combo.. Well.. ok.. After that incident Jamea let me
park her car at Movie Time and we walked down to Quick Mart
and back.. I stole a "$" sign off of a big lighted sign
down there.. it was fun BLING BLING! And while we were
walkin back to Jameas car I uprooted a poor lil tree.. lol
It was fun.. I hope we get to do it again.. Real soon.. lol
YAY! Ok.. Thats about up to date, BUH BYE!

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