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2002-06-22 02:14:04 (UTC)

Lara Croft

I am sure I've written an entry on this subject before,
but I am going to reitterate it. I want to be Lara Croft.
How great would that be? Highly trained in combat, very
rich, and fucking gorgeous. This is all on my mind because
I just saw Tomb Raider again. I love that movie. I want to
own it. Here's another thing: Angelina Jolie is the only
person who can ever play Lara Croft. You know how there
are like, 4 different actors who have played James Bond?
Well, I'm sorry, but there is nobody else but Angelina for
the part. I wouldn't mind looking like Angelina either.
She is the only woman that I would ever have sex with. She
is just so drop dead gorgeous. I don't want to be her, but
I would love to be her twin. Life is unfair.....