The bald guy with one ball and stumps fo
2001-06-22 04:21:42 (UTC)


I love my Megz very much! In fact I love her soooo much
that I don't even know how much I love her! She always
knows how to make me smile. When I am having a bad day, all
she has to do is look into my eyes and everything is
better. I love the way she kisses, and I love the way she
holds me. I may be borderline obsessive, but at least I got
the one single person who is just right for me! Sometimes I
think she is just a little to perfect for me. When I am
with her, I am happy. When I am not with her, I really want
to be with her! I love spending time with her. It makes me
really happy! She has the cutest smile, and the cutest
butt, and she likes Morrissey!!!!!! I never thought I would
find ANYONE who would like my Morrissey!!! It's amazing! I
can't help but brag about her. I love her sooooo very
much!!! She is the person that I dream of being with my
entire life! I hope I am lucky enough to have her for the
rest of my life!