SuGaR RuSh
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2002-06-22 01:46:06 (UTC)


hey yo...i swam 2 was NICEE i got burnt though only
on 1 sholder 1 lol im very bored...i was gunna go 2 the zoo
w/ marty 2 morrow but noo hes 2 poorrr grrrrrr on sunday im
goin 2 c the monkeessss yesss!!!!....everyone is leaving
this weekend... or left...2day bert and mmber left 4 the
beech...becky and steph r leavin 2 morrow...and whats
really funny is brit thinks wes is sexyfine and hes goin 2
the same place that shes going...i really hope she c's
him..she will shit herself HAHAHAH well im out and in pain
so bye