lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-06-22 01:21:36 (UTC)

i sleep without pants!!

santa barbara was fun...but i didn't wear pants. it's no
big secret. that's why i always tell people not to bust in
on me in the's NOT a pretty situation. but i
just can't wear pants unless it's butt-cold. yeaaaah.

anyway, santa barbara was fun. i got pooped on for the
first time in my life. it was the grossest thing that's
ever happened, and i hope it doesn't happen again for
another sixteen years. but i bought two cute shirts and
then i went shopping yesterday and bought GAP body mist and
a cherry thong (yaaaaaay!) and coffee and atticus, this RAD
cd that my little punk friends in hot topic recommended.
yay for that. haha this is such an ADHD entry. hmm.

oh and i found the car of my dreams. sort of. haha it's a
black nissan maxima (1991) and it's an automatic and it's
down the i called and left a message to see how
much & i'm feeling lucky this time.

hmm let's see...i think i'm going to driving school
tomorrow & hopefully someone will go with me. and i'm
going to zach's tomorrow night...and then adam & keith's
thing, i guess. man i'm a mess of scares. peace, kids.