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2001-06-22 02:56:24 (UTC)

i miss my german friend

well this morning i rolled out of bed and went to take
chemistry, my last exam. -by the way i failed it. i also
learned that i failed my math exam as well. so ne ways
after school charlotte came and picked us up and we went to
maggies house for awhile. then we went to darien lake and
we were gonna go bungie jumping but i couldnt because i had
cash flow problems but it s ok im over it now. but i had
fun with maggie, cara, and char. then we went to charlottes
house and we had to say good bye to her because she has to
go back to germany to live. i miss her

also today in school amy may said she felt left out. so i
was thinking today that my friends that i sit with in lunch
are so full of bull shit. not to name any names bc most of
them are really sweet. but it pisses me off how people act
so shallow and they use each other. for somereason i cant
get close to them bc i could never really trust them. all
they talk about is where they are going afer school in
front of every one liek they have never left the house and
who's car they are going in. lately its been getting old.
and also not to name ames i think it is really sad how a
certain few people use a certain person whoo i used to be
good friends with, for her car and i know damn well that
she would be the biggest loser without a car so i think its
really sad that my friend ship had to end with her bc she
had to change so much for other people. that is all i have
to say. good night

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