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2001-06-22 02:48:14 (UTC)

what to write

even though i am one i hate the female sex this hole
emotional rollercoster that they have to make you feel
sorry for them it is bull shit i am going out with this guy
and this girl is mad at me for going out with her love well
he has a free mind and it is a free country right or am i
mistaken for many things go unancered i want to know thw
truth that hides in the lines i think that i dont know what
i am doing any more i have this constiant head ache and i
just feel like the world is attacking me i dont know why
look at me sitting here swimming in my own self pitty and
yet i like it i like feeling sorry for my self and for
others to feel it to i know that is not what i should do
but that is the only way i can get people to listen to me
and my problems if only there were words tough to tell you
what i feel inside it is more than saddness and that is the
truth some people say that there lives were blessed by god
well it looks like i got screwed over big time i fell like
there is like a empty void in side me something that i cant
fix it is just there and will be till i find something to
fill it i have tryed boy friends family and just doing good
things for other people but it all hasn't worked i think
that emptyness can only be filled with me i know it sounds
weird but i think i have to accepet who i am i dont know
what i can do now my life