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2001-06-22 02:28:06 (UTC)

sheesh, i still get butterflies..

sheesh, i still get butterflies just dialing your phone number..

if this happens to be the last thing you read before you
leave, i want it you to know how much you truly mean to me.
you've got a long trip ahead of you, and won't have a lot of
time to yourself...

just know how happy you make me.
theres so much i want to say, but the words just fold into
each other.. and come out like mush.

you know what you mean to me, i just feel like i want to
tell you a hundred thousand million times. i didn't think i
could come to trust another person, but have found that and
so much more in you..

to be in your arms...

... good nite, and see you soon.

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