My Life at a Glance
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2000-10-23 19:11:36 (UTC)

Monday- 10/23/00 I haven t..

Monday- 10/23/00

I haven't written for a few days, but I thought I would write
quickly before I go to work. I broke my toe on Saturday- I guess
that is the biggest news. It was so stupid- I was playing tag with
the kids at the park, and I was pushing the stroller while I was
running. Before I knew it, my foot went up into the wheel area and
broke my baby toe. It really hurt. I tried to be so brave, but I
was bawling like a baby before we even got out of the park. My
daughter asked me if I was dying! I swear, sometimes I think I am so
clumsy! I told my husband that I would rather have gone through
giving birth again than have to feel that pain- it was awful. Now, I
have a step-son- I think I mentioned it before. Anyway, today the
school called and said that CJ was sick and wondered if my husband
could pick him up because his mom was nowhere to be found. I said
that I would be happy to come get him, but that my hubby wasn't
available. They would not let me pick the poor kid up unless I had a
note from his mother! ( Who didn't have the decency to let the school
know what her damn work number was!) Well, I don't have to tell you
that I was Pissed! After 6 years she can't trust me enough to pick
up this child that I love just like my own. The thing is, my
husband's ex and I really get along great, so it was like a punch in
the stomache to hear that I wasn't allowed to pick him up. Sometimes
I wish she did not exist! Well, gotta run- or limp as it may be- I
will write more later.