the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-06-22 02:15:10 (UTC)




yeah okay so practice is still kicking my butt .. but we
don't have it tomorrow so i am going to darcy's house ..
dude mom is getting a boob job.. hers will be biger than
mine .. it is a scary thought .. u see when i say mom i
mean Darcy's mom .. she is my second mother .. and when i
say Dena i mean my mom .. well ne ways so mom wants to get
boobs and i am like can u handle the pain and she is like
well i figure i am going to be so doped up i won't even
know .. so i am going to have to help Darcy do all the crap
once they get back .. okay i think i am goin gto dye my now
blonde hair again this weekend or mybe as soon as tomorrow
p.s. Greg is sleeping / messing around with his ex Sarah ..
guys can be such hoes ... but i think this guy on my team
likes me .. well maybe and i have been checking the 18 year
old life gaurd out and well he is a hotti .... okay yeah ..
well i my friend from arkansas is comign down for the rest
of the summer .. it is going to be pimp ... for real we are
like a freaking unstoppable force when we get together but
we are not as close as me and Darcy .. but you know i have
been think about it and Darcy is my sister but she needs
help for her abusive attitude
i mean i want to put her in her place but i know she can
not help it .. and i don't see how trey puts p with her ..
but ya know .. humm i don't have too much to say so later
love ya McCall

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