My Life.............
2002-06-21 13:41:10 (UTC)

Im getting ready to go workout,..

Im getting ready to go workout, its early and i think they
open at 10, ill find out.LOL i was going in the afternoon,
but, yesterday some new people joined and it was crowded, i
couldnt work out the way i wanted to, i like being up there
by myself, no one to bother me, and there was 5 people all
together working in a small place yesterday, it was kind of
nerve wracking, everything was being used and some had to
wait, you only get an hour to work out.:( so, now ill have
to push myself harder to get it done quicker but still burn
all those calories.....
i guess ive become obsessed now with losing weight, but
what im doing is working and i love it!!!!! its so great to
see my old clothes getting bigger on me, and to be able to
fit into smaller sizes is just so great!!!!!! :)