2002-06-21 11:49:41 (UTC)


John and I have done a lot of shopping the past few days.
The day before yesterday the dishwasher died. I asked John
how old the house was and he said about 30 years old. I
asked him if he thought the dishwasher was original to the
house and he said he thought it was. It's been babied along
for the past year and a half so now it was time for a new

I found one I really liked at Sears. It has a lot of nice
features, including having the silverware basket on the door
and it had a $60 energy credit. Unfortunately, they
were out of stock so I won't be able to get it until
Friday (tomorrow) afternoon. In the meantime we've been
barbequing (the weather's great for it!) and using paper
plates. Tonight we had chicken. The night before it was
hamburgers, hot dogs and potato salad.

While we were in Albany we bought more flowers, including
one large sunflower, for the garden and some flower pots,
bird netting to protect the blueberries, brought the power
washer in for repairs, returned a DVD rental and bought some
new drinking glasses and a new garden hose.

Yesterday the trip was to Eugene. We bought day old bread
(including one loaf of blueberry bread which will be
interesting to try), food (eggs, milk, Crisco, sliced ham,
cereal) and other stuff (computer paper, bird seed,
dishwasher detergent), filled the van with gas, went to the
bank, brought in a water test, and did a small grocery order
at Safeway (potatoes, onions, salami, two large packages of
cut up chicken, one large package of pork ribs, hamburger,
Italian sausage, two loaves of French bread) in Junction
City on the way home. After unloading all that I went to
Corvallis and picked up more of my books on hold. I'd
received a letter the holds were expiring Friday.

I've already finished Robert B. Parker's Widow's Walk
(an easy and quick read) and have begun T. Jefferson
Parker's Black Water. So many books! So little time!