steaming the buns
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2002-06-21 09:29:52 (UTC)

note to self: here s the idea,..

note to self:

here's the idea, how bout setting up a mini-concert or jam
session maybe every other week. just set up a venue where
anyone can come in and play/perform then and there. no
ultimately it'd be a hangout for bands that are friends
where u dont need to suck up to anybody to play. parang
tambayan lang that coincidentally, has equipment where you
can just get up and play.

venue? that's a hard one. maybe a small semi-private park?
like a park in a village? well it'll haff to be pretty far
from people's houses.
cool sana if we can find an old warehouse bldg. or
something like that. factory,offc whatever. that we could
get permission to use. that way it'd be pretty private an
we wont disturb anyone. ANd we could drink beer. while
hanging out.

equipment? itd be a great idea to get the bands together
first. right now, there's three bands were friends with and
they're all based here in makati.

when the bands agree, everyone will contribute equipment.
cause if everyone has a share on the equipment, they'll
probably be more careful with em.

maybe a very small fee for outside bands to play? cguro 100
lang. which would go to the maintenance to the place.

brng your own alcohol. wouldnt want to be accused of
selling the stuff. cguro ambagan nlang for all bands, para
sabay sabay inuman.

for this to work, all the concerned core bands have to take
part in helping out with everything: setting
up,takedown,maintaining the place. etc. it could be an
underground concert that changes venues every month.

that'd be nice..

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