The meanderings of a mind
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2001-06-22 01:42:05 (UTC)

cleaning out my desk

It's morning now, the sun burns bright. i wwish it would
quit smiling in my window, that light so full of joy. Turn
it off! please! I can't take it. SLeep I need. Sleep to
forget. My head absent of dreams, no questions, regrets,
concerns. No confused rambling of words to chase me and beg
me and burn like my tears. No life to run from. No fears
to deny. Turnoff the sunlight. Bring back the night. I
wish to sleep; I wish to hide.

Inside I feel empty
you're gone there's nothing left
I'm tired of the sypathy
my soul is bleeding to death
there's nothing on tv to watch
no music on the radio
i sit in the dark with my thoughts
wondering why you would go
no more tears left to cry
my throat can scream no more
i can find no reasons why
my heart is battered and torn
you left me lonely, sad, blue
you left me crushed and broken
you left me crying over you
you left no goodbye's spoken
No notice, no note, no reason
no number i could call
no i'm sorry no forgive me
you left me nothing at all.