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Untouchable Memories
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2002-06-21 07:40:00 (UTC)

A Healed Heart

Hello Again,

I just came back from my best friend's wedding.. by the
way, and as I mentioned earlier, I was the best man.. got
to suit up in a tux:) the wedding was absolutely breath
taking.. It was traditional Vietnamese wedding in the
Catholic church.. the morning consist of formally asking
the parent's of the bride for her hand in marriage. It's
really elegant.. you bring lots of gifts over to the
bride's home.. it's also traditional to bring over a roast
pork.. which is funny, you give the parents a roast pork in
trade for their daughter.. hahahah

Anyhow, my life is somewhat getting back to being in
order... I've officially decided to do OBGYN (obstetrics
and gynecology)...i absolutely love delivering babies, plus
I get to do surgeries... it's the perfect median for me,
since I like talking to patient's a lot and love cutting
with the blade and then sewning them back up..

well, that's it for tonight... Good Night Everyone!!

"In the Mathematics of LOVE, one plus one equals
EVERYTHING, but two minus one equals NOTHING..." how true!

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