Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
2001-06-22 01:04:02 (UTC)

just one cigarette

All I've got is one cigarette, I think I can make it till
Mom comes home and I can bum one off of her.
*lights up that smoke*

Last night I went out with ToF for a couple of coffees. He
seems really really nice, easy to be around and funny.
Pretty cute, not usually the type I go for though for some
reason he sort of reminded me of my Ex-Asshole :P But
that's just silly, he's better than that..I think
anyways!!!! I hope so, 'cause I'd like to see him again.
Just not this week, twice a week is enough. I'm pretty guy-
wary right now I guess. Who can blame me??

Ran into CPG the other night...bastard. He was all "Oh I
tried calling you a bunch of times on your cell but I musta
had the number off." I just said, "Whatever. Sure. Ok." And
then later he dragged me outside and starts in on this "Oh
I know ApK told ya a buncha shit about me seeing some new
girl..blah blah..." And I just told him I thought it was
good if he was and played him off cool for the rest of the
night. Wanted to rub it in his face that I'd been on a good
date the other night but didn't want to tarnish a possibly
good thing by using it to make another one cringe. Right? I
think so.

Anyways, that's my news.