Reality Bites
2002-06-21 06:03:55 (UTC)

1 hr. left

It's my birthday for one more hour. Today was so tiring,
I'm surprised I'm still concious-much less awake. I took my
driving test at 8am and got 100%, which I was relieved
about. Then I went to my aunts house and then I picked Mia
up and we went back to my house. Alyssa came over and we
got my house ready for my party. People came over at 12 and
we all just chilled and there was only like 20, 25 of us so
it was small but it was all my close friends and it was
fun. They all left at like 4, and then Mia and I cleaned up
and then we had to go to practice at 6:30, so we did and
that was tiring as HELL. I was dead after that and didn't
want to drive home. I went to 7-11 and got a diet dr.
pepper & some gum and I saw some of Luke's friends and they
all said happy birthday and I was surprised they knew. I
thought I looked really gross but they said how great I
looked. I haven't been eating much of anything lately-
that's probably it.

I'm so mad at Luke. I wrote him an e-mail today that he
won't soon forget... he wrote me a birthday e-mail that
sucked after all, so I wrote him one with a big decision
I've made. Either he give me a GOOD excuse about the
asshole act he's been pulling lately or we're done and I'll
see him in August. I don't need this kind of drama on my
break. I love summer for LACK of drama. Cheerleading
provides enough crap as it is, so I don't need him
constantly making me feel like shit. I can't describe the
feeling I've been getting lately about him, it's like
someone took my heart out and stomped on it and then put it
back in my chest...He just completely freaked out on me
over nothing. I shouldn't have trusted him as much as I
did, I knew that from the beginning. I trust people too
much, or I don't trust them enough...I'm not good at
judging that..I'm going to bed, at least i can spend the
remainder of my birthday in my dreams-a more pleasant place
than here.