2002-06-21 05:41:27 (UTC)

Ughh..... yeah i am mad at my..

Ughh..... yeah i am mad at my mom.. but i can be even more
mad at Karen Bott... what i witch... she has the nerve to
call me and my brothers and my mother trailer trash... what
the heck is wrong with her?? i am not gunna call her kids
anything yet... cuz they havent been that mean... but if
they do i will go off on them... i am not trailer trash..
westin is not trailer trash... phillip is not trailer
trash... and my mother is not trailer trash. She works hard
for us and she puts everything she can get toward her family
and god. As weird as some people may think she is and as
mean as some people thinks she is.. including me... no one
and i mean NO ONE.. Disses my mom like that!... or my
family! I hope my step-sisters show their mom this and then
she will know how pissed off some people are at her and how
wrong she is! im out! Peace!