2002-06-21 05:32:02 (UTC)

Dangit! My mom can be sooo..

My mom can be sooo mean!... just because i cuss in my
MY! Diary.. she is grounding me from the computer... i
could kill her.. its my diary and i can say
whatever the hell i want to in it! If she doesnt like it
she doesnt have to read it!... Well to all of my step-
sisters im sorry for everything and i dont want to keep
fighting cuz i can only handle one thing jat a time right
now... not that i want to keep fighting... well anyways i
was already pissed at my mom b4 but this is just insane!
Well i am gunna go... and i hope my mom reads this to... so
she know how much i am mad at her right now... ohh yeah
also she wont let me stay at my dads for the whole summer
and all we do at her house if frikin fight anyways...
dang... i would rather be here then be ther and be bored
out of my flipin mind and fight every night... i wish i
could just stay with my dad for the rest of the summer cuz
i never get to spend this much time with him in th school
year... well any ways i am out! Peace!

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