Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-06-22 00:44:43 (UTC)

Screwed Up

I've really screwed up my diet for today. I ate like 4
donuts, 2 glasses of chocolate milk, a piece of pizza, and
a hot dog. I feel like such a gigantic pig! Why am I
going back to my old ways when they make me feel so
shitty? I don't even enjoy eating so much or sitting on my
ass all day! I like to exercise and eat right, and I
definitely like the results it brings. I hate feeling this
way!!! So why do I keep fucking up?

I have to calm down and regain some composure here. It
was just a little backslide. I can start getting back on
track right now- not tomorrow morning, not after dinner-
right now. I can't change what I've already done today. I
can only change what I'm going to do. My first step is to
not eat some of the ice cream that my sister is making. I
just turned down dinner at McDonald's.

I always feel so much better when I've written about it.
It makes me want to stop whining and get out and do
something about it. Which is exactly what I'm going to go
do right now!

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