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2001-06-22 00:31:58 (UTC)


~*i just came back from driving and it was my first time
on the road.It was fun.I think i did way better then the
other day.I wasnt doing the stop, go thing.i stayed at 20
mph.There was this really cute jogger and he was laughin at
me and leslie.My mom kept tellin me to keep my eyes on the
road and i told her that i was just lookin in my mirrors
like she told me lol.Im getin use to cars though which is
kewl.Oh i heard this amazing singer today,u kinda hafta
hear her song a second time.her name is Alicia Keys and she
sings fallin.I didnt like it the first time i heard it...i
kinda changed the channel.
Today i spent tanning over these kids house that my
friend was babysittin.I got a lil tanner but i have a bad
tan line.It didnt get around my neck tan lol.Oh wells.I
might go to the beach with brenna this saturday if her dad
will take us.Im going to go now.I will ttyl.
bye:) im in a good mood.

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