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2002-06-21 03:46:20 (UTC)


Well, tomorrows my last day at my new job. Short but
sweet, or not. I went out to the colony after work and see
what they said. Sue was the only one there so she told me
she'll tell Bob to leave me a message about coming back.
Its not that I wanna go back to the colony as much as it is
that I don't wanna stay at this other place. I think I
would be miserable and I don't want that of course. I
talked to Nick and he said he had a feeling that I'd come
back. They were gonna work Saturday and Sunday but I'm
leaving now. I played golf tonight. I played ok but I was
in a really pissy mood. Maybe its the job. Maybe its the
humid weather. Maybe its that I don't see or hear her.
Probably all of the above. Well, not hearing from her, I
have less to say. I will say as much as I can about my
life but it just won't be too long unless something comes
up. I just can't wait for the weekend right now. No work
to think about. Hopefully it'll be nice so I can do
something outside. Ok, goodnight. Love you, BYE!!!