2001-06-21 23:55:56 (UTC)

hmm i like this one. i think.

you made me lie.
the sex made me cry.
you took away my capablitity to feel.
so many times you needed me.
so much of myself is from you.
i need your kiss.
i need your pulse
i need to feel you inside of me.
in my veins.
through the holes.
you made.
the holes will never close.
with you still on my mind.
i dont know how to stand
without you to hold on to.
i dont know what do to.
without you to control me.
i cant think for me.
i think for us.
i cant get away.
and i cant get enough.
of you.
of you.
your pain brings me joy.
the pain you brought to a little girl.
sold for her innocense.



and now future.
you were my plans.
you were my thoughts.
you were it all.
and without you.
now i am lost.

how to be happy.
when you were the only thing that could.
how to feel.
when you told me i didnt have to.
where do i go from here.
now that the hard part is over.
will the hard part last forever.
will this addiction plague me
for the rest of my life.
will you ever be satisfied.
will you never be gratified.
you took me.
and i fought you.
i fought you.
and i won.
but what exactly.
is left.
have i done.