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2001-06-21 23:55:23 (UTC)

i need

im bored.
i just finished drawing pictures for two of my friends...im
engaged now. i dont know ifi i mentioned that. but i am...

you tell me you love
and that youll be here
when i need you
give it time
and where will you be
where will i be
where are we right now
i need to to have plans.
i need to know where i stand.
without things are chaos.
you are the wind that blows
my mind.
when even truth is filled with lies.
when is it alright to cry.
and what do you do
when you have none left to shed.
but dead.
wishing to be dumb.
i wanted peace.
i did not ask for more.
i wanted peace.
and what i got was war.