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2002-06-21 03:08:06 (UTC)

Shit Happens

Dear Diary:

I'm having such a bad day. Shit just has not being going
well this week at all!
First momma goes back into the hospital with breathing
problems. Her CO2 is to damn high. And she's not doing what
she is supposed to do because of her phobia of the
breathing machine. She went in Tues.

Well, everything was going as well as could be 'till today.
First, My dog gets out. She's all black and with it being
so hot here and humid, I was scared that she was going to
get lost and have heat stroke. Luckily I found her and knew
what to do to cool her body back down. So at least she is

Well, I'm busy taking care of the dogs when a cop or city
guy shows up at the door. Apparently, the home owners
association called the city on us because we hadn't cut our
yard yet and it was a "disturbance." Fucking bull! Also
they said that we had to pick up the wood in my drive way
because it was an unwanted sight. MY DAD'S A FUCKING
I can't believe this fucking bullshit.

So we had to rush out and get the yard and shit done. Which
BTW is not very is for me or my sister. I have a bum knee
and she's allergic to the sun. So I'm tired and hurting
from doing that shit. Then I find out that the check to the
vet bounced so now I'm worried about that.

Then Tabitha and Jackie start the blowing you off crap
again. Well, Tabitha is I'm not sure about Jackie, but I
haven't gotten a e-mail or even a call from her, just
Tabitha. So I'm pretty sure that Neither of them want me
around or like me. I try to help my sister out and shit and
she just brushes me off. We used to have a great
relationship, I mean told everything and helped out. Now
she won't say shit. She just says, If I'm sad let me be sad
it's none of your business. So I'm really depressed about
that. Which is not helping my stress level any.

I figure I'm just going to stop Talking to either that way
I won't be a burden to none of them or and unwanted side
affect of being friends with Tabitha. Sometimes I wish I
had the strength to kill myself then I wouldn't have to

I just have so much to deal with in a short amount of time
it puts stress on one. Well, I think I'm going to go now.
Go to bed were I can cry and be alone. Maybe I'll write in
here tomorrow. I don't know yet. Shit happens as we found
out too well today. So talk again whenever.


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