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2002-06-21 02:55:05 (UTC)

If I'm not paid to be, then I don't have to be.

That's my new theme for the year, ladies and gentlemen. If
I'm not paid to be, then I don't have to be.. if you want
specifics.. If i'm not paid to be nice, then I don't have
to be nice.. This lovely statement fits in most any
context. I find it quite amusing. :) Enough of that bizz-
ness. Did you know I'm a waitress? I make approximately
30 dollars in tips a night, after working 5 hours. Holy
shit that's 6 dollars an hour. Plus about 2.50 an hour
too... Not too shabby.. I'd never calculated that before.
But see that just barely keeps me alive and running..
Especially with gas expenses. It's not too bad because I
don't wanna do much running in the truck, it swills fuel,
so until my new car comes in I'm okay. Blah who cares
about that stuff? I seem to be just trying to fill the
space tonight to add up my entries. Someone write me and
tell me about themselves.. write a diary entry to me. I
wanna get to know people on here. I feel like I'm losin
friends over this summer so maybe I can gain a few I can
talk to on here. ....if anyone even reads this junk.
Peace yo.

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