SuGaR RuSh
2002-06-21 02:29:17 (UTC)

outta scotch

hello alll...summer is very very n kate walked
2 GE 2 c if they r hireing....negative :(....mike asked me
out again...ill prob say no..i dun wanna bf...i miss erin i
havent talked 2 her in a while..ill call her 2 morrow..zach
and wes were gunna come up 2 day but wes didnt have enough
stuff 4 3 people...we will next time :) that sounded
wrong LOL me n wes have been talkin a lot in the past 2
days...i think i scare him LOLOL oh well...hmm..nuffin else
2 talk about...oh yea...sun im goin 2 c the monkeessss
ahhhhhhhhhhh and next weekend im goin 2 angies 4 her grad i
finally get 2 meet her bf wohoo okay im out

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