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2001-06-21 23:20:46 (UTC)


I have broken down and started a web diary so all of those
nosy strangers out there can read my innermost thoughts and
persuasions. I'm not going to promise this will be the
least bit interesting, so read it at your own risk (though
secretly I hope you do).

I also can't promise I will update regularly as I am a
procrastinator and it is in my nature to start something
which I never intend to finish. That has also been a
common trend in many of my relationships.
Hmmmmmm.......maybe this will become a soul-searching
psychological awakening for me.

Also, the title is a work-in-progress and will almost
definitely change from time to time (did I also mention I'm
really bad at making decisions?)

So, my next accomplishment, after starting this journal,
will be to write a second entry.

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