sheesh ya fuck
2002-06-21 02:18:57 (UTC)

donkey boy.his father was like..

donkey boy.his father was like if i was as stupid as you
if i was as stupid as you i would slap myself i would slap
myself and donkey boy said im not as stupid as you im not
as stupid as you while bangging himself in the
head...think about it. okay chris is home here home
here..i got burnt yesterday and its really nasty looking
it finally bursted and pussed it was
interesting. and ive been wired i laughed at this guy
james after he told me his girlfriend was preganate and
planning on having a abortion. im okay though sorta things
are too funny too me...i guess im just sadistic..ohhh well
im wrapped up in the raincoats right now..they make me
want to shoot a fat syringe full of koolaid in my veigns.
straight edge
i have a job now im a werkin woman fine and educatin
the job is subway makin sannnwinches for snobby country
clubbers who whine and bitch about money when they got it
leaking out of their dockers and izod fine pants
my life is really uninteresting right now...i love you to
love me didnt didnt i seee you crying feeling alone
without a friend you know you feel like dieing...yeah umm
im going to the good ol' mall..i also got a car i named it
king kongster..its a little boy with 60 different
egos...very efficient..i have been playing this game of
corporate bitch minummum wage skankster sucking the
economies dick..its eaasy too do..and after the days over
i go home to my room to my friends and im back to the same
fuck ed up dysfunction=al self..........sosooosoosoo chris
is sexy crazt sexy cool./