? :: connie ::?

:: inside my mind ::
2001-06-21 22:39:03 (UTC)

:: the heaven's gate ::

i see the heaven's gate open
and a dove flying upon my head
the day i know that i am loved
the day the sun shines day and night

i see the heaven's gate open
the day he opens his heart to me
and it strums the strings
of my very soul

i thank you for showing me
the heaven's gate
i know i will enter it soon
and if i don't ask too much
let me dwell there, too

this is only the beginning
and it's already too beautiful
for my spirit
let me give you my hands, my dear
lead me to the eternal water spring
where my thirst will be quenched
with your comforting love

i see myself still in front of the gate
but i know
i'm entering it soon ...

© :: connie ::™
0513amgmt 7

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