The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-06-21 00:53:28 (UTC)


I found sonic and knuckles. Well sorta. I found this
computer game pack at wall mart. It had Sonic & knuckles
collection, sonic cd, sonic r, and sega smash pack 2. So I
was like well all fucking right. It was 10 dollars. Look
in my pockets. Well all fucking right. 30 dollars. What
a lucky boy I am. Lol. Now if only I wasnt single. Lol. I
actually kinda like being single. I can flirt with girls
and not feel guilty about it. Thats a nice feeling. And I
can also look at girls and not have to stop myself from
getting all bug eyed and I can drool if I want lol. Not
that I do. But I saw a really nice looking chick that was
taking the same theory test as me. Yeah maybe if were in
some classes together i might have to get to know her. Who
knows. I shall see what happens. Im off to have some
sonic fun with my sonic games. Woo hoo I graduate in 2
days, rehearsle is tommorow, commencement saturday. Woo
Hoo. Well all fucking right Im outta here.

Laters all.

To all my friends I love you guys.