Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-06-21 00:42:23 (UTC)


I don't really have much to say today, I just want to talk.
I worked from 12-5. I tell ya, I'm not meant to work at
places. I dont' know..I'm just a lil too clumbsy, I almost
fell like five times.

Well, here's my deal. Tiffeny JUST got on, said "la la la
loser heheeheheh " and then she got off. I dont know.. I
haven't done anything to her. She's got my ex boyfriend.
She's got his love, and she's got the one who's got the
heart. I guess I'm the fool in love with the fool who's in
love with her. I'm so dumb for still caring fer him. But,
there was something different about him. I guess it was his
lies that he told oh-so-well. And the thing is...they WERE
all lies. But my stupid heart just can't see that. When
will I learn?