nobody cares
2002-06-21 00:21:24 (UTC)

today i had to go to work until..

today i had to go to work until five
when i got home i went swimming until 7
then i had supper
than i called my friend and invited her to come over
she came over for a swim
we had a blast
the flys started to come out
we got out
go changed
then we put the blanket on the pool
then they left
they are coming back over tommorow
five mins later my mom and dad got home
my mom wanted to go swimming so much
so she went alone
au naturell
its kind of scary
then i came on here
cant wait till tommorow
i get my report card first thing in the morning
we get to go swimming until 4 in my pool
then i have to go to work
i get to brag about swiming all day
it will be fun