The Thoughts of A Writer
2002-06-20 23:15:38 (UTC)

Why I love to write Fan Fiction...

I often get asked why I write fan fiction. My answer is
smiple...I LOVE IT. I was asked that the other day by a
cousin or someone. I love to write. Not so much only fan
fiction, but writing in general. I have written a number of
children type stories and donated them to local schools. I
write because I think it is important to express yourself,
and if Im not doing that through words through my music, I
want to do it another way through words.

I wrote a book in the sixth grade called 'Peep and the
Talent Show'. It was about a dog named Peep who thought he
was very talented. One day his owner, Mrs Wood, entered him
in a talent show. He tried and tried but coulnt find
anything to do. Then DC, a cat, said he should do magic. DC
would help him but only if Peep would stop chasing him
around. Peep agreed, and the next day they went to the
talent show and Peep won.

I also wrote a story last year in english. I was
called 'Bruno And The Zoo'. It's about a dog named Bruno
who's job it is to guard the zoo animals at night. None of
the animals think he could and they call him a whimp. One
night someone breaks in and tries to steal the monkey.
Bruno stops him and saves the day. The moral is dont judge
people by how you see them at first. A glace at how you see
someone isnt always how they turn out to be. If you judge
them, they may not want to be around you, even if you
really need them someday.

Something some people dont know about that last story
is I started out making it about NSYNC. Then slowly it
evolved. The animals have the personalites of the guys and
the breed and name are connected to the guys too. (Very
sneaky) NSYNC is a big inspiration and their just very
versiatile. Maybe thats why I write NSYNC fan fiction!

I have to go. Have a good Friday and excellent weekend!!!

Fantasy Angie**