My Journal
2002-06-20 22:58:35 (UTC)

My mother!

My mother drives me crazy! I can't believe her sometimes!
she is crazy! When she kicked me out she told me to take
everything off the walls that I wanted to keep. So i did
and told her not to touch the other wall i would be back to
get it. She fucking started to clean out my entire room and
then she calls and says "now don't get mad..." and then she
tells me that she's been cleaning out my room and has
thrown tons of stuff away but has kept and put into a
little box "the stuff i thought you would like to keep."
hmm lemme think, i don't keep things in my room that i DONT
WANT! so she continued to throw things away that she just
didn't see any reason for me having. When they may not mean
a damn thing to her but mean everything to me! even down to
the slightest piece of paper. I have it because i want it.
Not because i want her to throw it away! I can't believe
she pulled this shit. And then when i got mad at her about
it, she tells me i need to get my priorities straight and i
should be upset about the fact that i'm no longer allowed
in her house and that me and her can't even talk without
fighting. She proceeded to tell me that everything that has
been happening to me is my fault. Yeah maybe i screwed up
and shit but she shouldn't have had kids if she couldn't
take care of them. She just shouldn't have, if she's gonna
send her kids away just because they have a problem that is
upsetting her she shouldn't be a mother. She doesn't know
how. Not everybody has someone who will take their kid in
when they can't handle them. So thats not what parents are
supposed to do. She should NOT have had me. She shouldn't
have. She does not know how to be a mother. She's just
lucky that everytime i get "too much for her to handle"
that someone lets me stay with them. She is fucking crazy
and thats the only way i know how to explain her. She tries
to turn it around on me like i'm the crazy one. I may be
but at least i don't have a kid whos life i'm fucking up
minute by minute. She's a fucking moron. She's gonna get it
back. It's only a matter of time. She fucks people up for
no reason it's gonna come back to her. I'm waiting for it.
I know it will happen.