This is the beloved air I breathe
2002-06-20 22:44:43 (UTC)

God provides

Well, I mentioned that I'm interning here in California.
Things are going well for me here. I am able to begin
being useful.

People truly are gracious to me here.
I have spent three weeks previous to comming to California
providing for other people. I mentioned earlier that I had
a person living at our house. A week before school got
out, I met this 17 year old boy at college. He was not a
student, but he was staying with a student there, and he
was going to need a place to go when he got out, so by way
of circumstances we have this person living in our house.
That was really hard, because I didn't even really know
this kid, but he was living under our roof, so I was
learning how to get along with this person that I didn't
even know. Because he was living with us, my family and I
were providing everything for him that he needed. He and I
were also helping this woman move. she is in the middle of
a divorce, and she is being forced to move from her house.
I also had my best friend come up, and I had to pick her up
from the airport, and I took her to get some things that
she needed. As a result I had spent about three weeks
directly after getting out of college providing for other
people's needs. I was barely able to spend any time on my
own because this kid that was staying with us was doing
everything with me. I was introducing him to my friends,
taking him to my youth group and speding my spending money
on him. I was glad to do it, but I think that there may
have come a point where I got a little bit like "well, look
at what a nice person I am, God has enabled me to provide
for others". I don't think I was real bad about it, I
mean, I was blessed to be able to help others. Now I am
learning how to be able to be able to accept the help from
other people. Sometimes it's easy to think that I don't
need other people's help, but I'm in a situation now where
I need to take it. If I do not accept the generosity of
others, I am stuck. This place where i am staying, I am
relying on other people for my food, and for my
entertainment and for their generosity. The staff are
wonderful. Many of them have opened up their homes for the
other interns and I to come and spend time there if we ever
need to. I don't want to be a burden to anyone, but I'm
remembering that it's a blessing to be able to bless other
people. I am realizing that if I were in the same
situation, I would be glad to do the same for them. I
understand that they are under no obligation to offer, and
if they don't want to, they won't do it.
This is all learning about how God provides. He provides
all of my needs. I am trusting in Him for everything right
now. I understood that if this trip was God's will, he
would provide the finances for me, and He did...I am
following God right now.
The thing about being in a posisition like this is that I
am able to constantly be reminded that I am not the one who
is making the decisions in my life. I have to remember to
give the glory to God for everything.

Priase my God who provides for my every need!!!