2001-06-21 21:03:43 (UTC)


finally I'm finished what we call "ungdomskolen" or youth-
school here I live in Norway!
Finally, I'm a grownup...(or...almost!)
I'v got a new haircut, new clothes, my reportcard is
delivered and I'm ready to start the summer vacation!
This is the first day in the rest of my life!
I'll have the best time ever!
little sad cus I've broke up with my boyfriend for about a
week ago, but as my mom says, there is plenty of fishes in
the sea (even if I really liked THIS fish...)
I have to move on...:(
It feels like I've past a limit in my life...but I will go
the distance and I will make it.
new school, new friends, new teachers(hwo I have to do some
majore suckin up to the first days...) but first: a new
hollyday to pul myself up, and make me think forward...
I will survive!
(I hope...)