2001-06-21 20:56:10 (UTC)

48 hours later...

im over it. word to your motherland. other things have me
nervous though...ill talk about them at another time, i dont
want to jinx myself be bringing them up. i think i over did
it at the gym yesterday...i was working out lots of anger.
some guy was like trying to step to me and i thought he was
just being mean so i gave him a dirty look (cause like who
likes to be hit on at the gym) but then i realized he was
just flirting...see there is that wall...i always think that
all men are just being mean to me at first, it's not
possible for one of them to have good intentions...they
either want sex or want to borrow my lighter. i need to get
out of that frame of mind...cause im sure not all men are
assholes. spike is soo cool...he rules...just thought i
would through that in cause i really have nothing to say. 24
hours of sadness does this to me...i get emotionally drained
too fast...i think its called "drama queen" heh. mark called
me today at work...god i love him...too bad he lives far
away now...he's the bomb...MARK YOU ARE THE BOMB...can i
have yr babies? hehe. he promised he would play my song for
me next time he called. geographical differences stink...i
want to hang out so bad. i miss you kid!!!! mark made me
realize that i am someones happiness...just depends on who
the someone is. im in such a better mood. is there a fine
line between codependancy and longing? help me someone
please. i wanna be on the other side of the fence...thanks.