Autumn Always
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2002-06-20 19:12:38 (UTC)


Yesterday was hectic. Patrick was here all day, we had a
nice time despite, and then the boy's took Katies husband
out for cigars and drinks since she had the baby. That left
me here with Katie. I just wanted some time to myself. But
it did turn out to be a good day. I woke up this morning to
Dad being here again. And of course the second I got
downstairs he wanted to talk about how screwed up people
are in my family. It just sickens me sometimes the way
everyone talks about eachother. Sometimes I feel so alone.
I just don't know. And insted of cleaning my room and
playing with my pictures Dad want's me to come downstairs.
I just get so frustrated sometimes. Fortunatly I got a part
time job and maybe if I'm lucky I can do school in July.
But we haven't gone groccery shopping since the middle of
May and that just has to come first. Somehow I just have to
make it through. That's just all there is to it. But on the
upside today is a lovely day. Warm, close to hot but not
quite. Excellent barefoot weather. I think I'll take the
dog for a long walk and try to forget a world exists
outside my little forrest for just a little while... But at
the moment I have to go downstairs and take notes for Dad.
Off I go...

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