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2002-06-20 16:42:11 (UTC)


Hello! My name is Sam! This is my first entry i am writing
so i'm gunna make it good. There is this kid, his name is
Alex B. I like him A LOT! So the other day i asked him
out, and he said he wanted to be single. I was soo upset,
but then i realized, there's nothing to be upset about
because whoever our boyfriends are now, we'll never go out
w/ them again after we dump them. I was just so upset at
that point. But nothing takes the cake like what happened
a couple of months ago. There was a school dance and i
liked this kid named Matt B. He said he thought i was hott
and would say yes if i asked him out. I was planning to
ask him out, and then he walked up to this girl named Mel
at the exact moment i was going to ask matt out. But
instead, he asked mel out. It felt as if my heart was
ripped apart into shreds. It took me 2 1/2 montsh to get
over him. My heart has never been hurt in that way before.
The pain i felt... it's unbelievable! But i got over him
now and i stll like Alex B. even though he doesn't like
(a little poem i wrote)
Everyone falls in love even if they're friends.
Sometimes he falls w/ you when u don't like him
Or sometimes you for for him when he doesn't like you
Or maybe, if we're lucky, we fall in love at the same
time, but no one can ever garuntee that
The point is, everyone falls inlove at one point... and at
this point, i'm deeply in love