random mumblings
2002-06-20 15:47:43 (UTC)

i want to fly away...

so i've got this *big* wedding to go to this weekend, and
i really don't want to go but it's my friends lee and jen
and i should go. i just don't like the idea of going
there and hearing about everybody's new houses and
successful lives, etc. :) amanda's boyfriend might be
transferred to china and i told her that she should go
with him if he goes...i like the idea of just picking up
and going, i'm living vicariously through her :) i just
wanna fly away (which leads to my song of the day)

i wish that i could fly
into the sky
so very high
just like a dragonfly

i'd fly above the trees
over the seas
in all degrees
to anywhere i please

oh i want to get away
i want to fly away
yeah, yeah, yeah

let's go and see the stars
the milky way
or ever mars
where it could just be ours

let's fade into the sun
let your spirit fly
where we are one
just for a little fun

i want to get away
i want to fly away
yeah, yeah, yeah

i'm a bad friend...i told my friend anderson that i'd call
him for the past 5 days and i haevn't called him. and
they put a new code lock on my front door and i was locked
out this morning because they never game the code.
nevermind. :)