Thoughts from Blue Angel
2001-06-21 19:25:05 (UTC)


When I got on the scale this morning for my weekly weigh-
in, I was a bit disappointed. I haven't lost anything
since last week. Of course, I knocked it up to the fact
that I've probably gained some muscle and I've eaten a
little too much junk.

Then, I got out my little tape measure and ended up
feeling a lot better! I lost two inches in my bust, half
an inch off my waist, an inch from my hips, and two inches
around each thigh. Not too shabby for a "lazy" week!

I did a really stupid thing and ate some donuts and
chocolate milk this morning, but I'm trying to make up for
it. Since I have the day off, I'll do a little extra
working out tonight.

I'm starting to notice how much more fit I am. I breathe
easier than Melanie does when we go for long bike rides
now. It's getting easier for me to go 25 mph on the
stationery bike almost the entire 15 minutes I ride at a
time. I find myself going whole miles at over 30 mph. I
definitely couldn't keep that pace 2 weeks ago.

My arms look much more defined. My breasts even feel
smaller. Most girls would consider this a problem, but I
definitely can afford to lose some. I don't really feel
firmer than I did before, but I don't think it's flabbiness
either. Maybe that's my skin adjusting to the loss of

I'm feeling great and continuing to try my hardest, even
though I can feel the initial surge of motivation wearing
off. I've got to keep it up though. I guess I'm going to
make like the Nike commercials and "just do it."

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