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2002-06-20 15:27:54 (UTC)

Uh... ok....

On Tuesday, i had a job interview...but i don't think that
went too well. Later in the evening i had soccer practice.
I was supposed to do something with my girls, but i forgot
to recharge my phone, and the damn battery went out. After
that, i had a nice little visit to Damon's with Izzy,
Sacca, Snives, and Izzy's friend. Izzy and i had a nice
ride home... we pumped the brakes to the beat of the music.
End of that night. Yesterday (Wednesday) was and okay day.
I had driver's ed from 12-2, then i took Aj to the
chiroprator, then went to visit Tony. After that, we just
hung out at Calley's house for a bit before going to subway
for some dinner. After subway, we went to the thompsons for
a while. That was quite an experience... i won't get into
the details. I went to subway after that and drove AJ home.
AJ makes the best subs. If there is one thing to say about
last night... Most Girls are Bitches... but with guys..
there is like automatic trust.