My Life.............
2002-06-20 15:24:38 (UTC)

he's now a father, yea for him!!!!!!!!!!!

just got done talking to Jeff, he said his girlfriend had a
boy, its amazing how much that hurt.:( I know all this time
we said there is no baby, i dont even think theres a
girlfriend, but, deep down i guess i do believe this is
really happening, well, if its all true, im happy for him,
i realized a long time ago that there will be no Jeff and
me, but, i still feel jealous, i know you can tell anyone
anything on here, but, im a sucker and believe anything.LOL
oh, well, ill just have to get over this one too....... it
does sem funny that she was supposed to ahve the baby in May
and hes just telling me now, hes seen me online all the
time, maybe he was just to busy with the baby to tell me.LOL