The Sexy Blonde
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2002-06-20 15:04:37 (UTC)

Jose / Modeling decision

Jose and I aren't taling at the moment. Tuesday night I
hung up on him because he told me he needed to post-pone
putting up the fence again! He has been post-poning the
fence for almost 2 months. I'm tired of it. But anyway I
asked what was more important doing the fence or going to
the car show (why he wants to post-pone), he paused on the
phone and then said, "well...." No. No. No. I'm not putting
up with that. The decision isn't that hard, its either the
cars or me, how hard is that? For the very first time,
yesterday was the first day that Jose and I have never
talked to each other in 24 hours. It was hard for me. We
have always talked to each other at least once a day, no
matter what. But right now he needs to be the one calling
me back. I need to stay strong and stop letting himn run my
life like I'm some sort of puppet on a string. I just need
to loosen my grip from him. I need some time to spend with
my mom, and I need to work on my body, now because of that
phone call last night. I'll explain.

When my brother lived with us, he met a guy called
sebastian at his work. Sebastian asked my brother if he had
ever thought about being a model. He gave my brother his
card. Then I got the email address and website off the card
and he contacted to me last night. He told me to talk
everything over with my mom, and we can set up a meeting
sometime soon. He does classes for cat walks, or runway
models as he says. They help models get their portfolios
together and get them and shown into the world. Sounds
exciting to me.

I need to get going. Have a great day!

God bless you!