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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-04 02:57:00 (UTC)

*Shanen* My day was pretty much..


My day was pretty much the same as always. Found out my
brother is gettin in trouble for owning 6 credit cards and
in debt? I don't even think I was supposed to know that.
Then I got the whole, 'you're a role model to your sister,
be patient with her and try to repsect her' speech, how the
hell am I supposed to do that? She is the most obnoxious
little child I have ever met. People are pissing me off. I
can't name who though, by chance they find this. But these
people talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk
and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and
talk and talk, repetively about the same things over and
over again. In the middle of copying notes I DO NOT need
someone to be turning around n trying to mouth out or
whisper to me the story of the guy they like and how they
like her back for the 50th time, it gets just the littlest
bit old.

As for the rest of the day, I finally finished up my
homework, thank God. Only got to see Matt...3x total today,
although I'm going to say 2 instead b/c breakfast this
morning didn't really count.

Kick Aaron's a§§, just for fun;-)

Today was so....ordinary it's sad. I want something to
happen, anything to happen, life has become so boring
lately! The only things that keep me awake are..Matt,
and...ahh I can't even think of anything else. And since I
don't exactly get to see Matt too often, I feel like
sleeping all the time. Only 1 thing, semi-funny happened
today, our lunch table was taken over by the principal and
I had to literally PUSH corey n steve to go tell him we sat
there, they of course didn't say anything, so he asked
them, so we ended up getting it back.

To Matt...if he eventually reads this...
Waited 4 ya online for awhile, don't see u on tho, and itz
about time 4 me to go 2 sleep. I hate that we don't see
eachother even close to how much I'd want i'm just
sorry. I love you.