Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-06-20 13:48:40 (UTC)

Gah, the story of my life

GAH! Okay, today I bitch. Lmao. I finally get to sleep,
after watching BARNEY, at around 1030. Its okay, it makes
the kids happy. But LIZZY STOLE MY BED! And I didnt want
to wake her up, so i just suffered. Lol. But finally, my
back hurt really bad so i moved her alittle, then she woke
up, i said 'come here', and she cuddled up to me IN THE


Okay, so I come downstairs. I know I pissed mom off last
night. But the thing is, what is so horrible about saying
we should be nice to these people? I dont care if theyre
the enemy. I hate this. I hate all of this. Its bullshit
and it needs to stop.

This is what my step mom wrote in her diary
*serenityspirit22* in reply to what my mom wrote her and my

The Ex Wife Strikes Again

Subj: My free online diary
Date: 6/19/2002 7:14:07 PM Central Daylight Time
From: mom
To: dad
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Check this out Mr. Christian and show Mrs. Christian and
all the Christian children. Mrs. Christian should read
Eph. 6 vs 10-18. May be you should. You owe over
10,000.00 plus. The roof and all, you are nothing but
trailer trash living with trailer trash. At least once you
knew better. What happened to you to turn into such
squallier with the family to match. Your girls have 3.75
GPA's and are pillars of this community.

Well I am flatterd to be called Mrs. Christian. Thank you
Karen. Maybe you should read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 and
I feel sorry for this woman... full of bitterness and
hatred. I will continue to pray for her but I refuse to let
her steal my peace.
I dont need to brag on my childrens grade point to make
myself look better
Go ahead and call me and my children names will
not make you shine any brighter.
As far as my Trailer is concerned. I wouldnt trade this
place and where it sits for a 100,000.00 home any where.
You will never know what I have Karen....NEVER!!!!
Well. I am sleepy and my hubby is waiting for me.. smiling..

Oh yes. Karen needs to learn how to add. 10,000 dollars..
No Way!


AHH! No one hates more when their mother brags about them
more than I DO. If you knwo me at all, Im a humble little
kid and I like to hide in the corner. I dont like to be
used as a weapon against other people. I dont really like
to be noticed. I like my quiet little world.

Granted, Im not catholic, but I might switch just so I can
be a nun.


Gah. I need new parents.

I feel bad for my older sister, too. She is so stressed
out. I keep trying to figure out what she likes so maybe I
can do that and make her feel better. She needs a break,
and she wont lemme watch the kids so she can take one.
Hopefully shell go get her dad a kitten. Isnt taht sweet??
Her dads Siamese cat died, adn it really hurt them. So
shes going to go buy a $150 dollar kitten to make him feel

I wish I knew hwo to make her feel better.

I wrote a little reply to my step sister *coingal19* who
hates me, and I was like, 'Just because my sister and
grandparents are rich, doesnt mean anything. I dont want
to hate you, or fight with you. I knwo youre a really nice
person and Id like to get to knwo you', or something to
that extent.

Lizzy awakens.

BTW: Lizzy is my niece. ;)


Will, Marie, Bro- Loves ya.