Visions Of Life
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2002-06-20 12:42:43 (UTC)

Self Mutilating...

Im actually too upset to write. Too tired and upset to
sleep and too fucked up and upset to drive.

I hate my life so much. Being alive hurts so bad but I cant
force myself to kill myself. Maybe I should research some
less painful forms of suicide or invest in a gun..

Im actually too upset to cut. Ive only done like 3..
Shaking too badly. I have nowhere I can go to escape for
the day or the night so I guess Ill baracade myself in my
room and hide in a blanket.. God damn it.. why cant i die?
Ive had enough of everything... I quit..Leave me alone. I
dont want to be happy ever again because the same shit will
keep happening and it hurts so much. Im a failure. Im sorry,