Meshed Up
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2002-06-20 10:29:41 (UTC)

early resolution

one thing i have learned in life is that i will always
encounter people that i do not like. i will meet them
wherever i go, whether it be at home, in school, or at
work. no matter how much i avoid them, i will still find
them and they will still find me.

if i do not learn to deal with them now, how will i learn
to deal with them when i step out into the real world when
more assholes and bitches will come my way and bite me?

i must learn to unfeel. to uncare. to unhear. to unlisten.
to untalk. to unspeak.

i must learn not to be bothered. i must realize that to let
them affect me is a waste of my precious time. i must
restrain myself from wanting to hit them or to scream at
them. i must stop myself from dreaming of stapling their
mouths shut, or asking them to go fuck a drainpipe, or
hanging them upside down a tree.

i must learn to keep my smile plastered on my face even
when i wanna snarl at them. i must learn to keep my eyes
open to stop them from glaring at these assholes.

and of course i must learn not to get mad but to get even.

i must keep in mind that each time they scream at me, they
get a higher chance of getting a sore throat, which will
lead to a cough, that will connect to a cold, develop into
a flu, upgrade to pneumonia and result in death.

keep my friends close. keep my enemies closer for it is
easier to shoot them when they're there.

and life goes on for people who rejoice over the demise of
such annoying people.